American Scream is a brand new, interactive selfie museum dedicated to all things Halloween! You will come face to face with colorful characters, creatures, and selfie-worthy sets only before seen on screen. Face your fears and have a few hearty laughs along the way...just make sure to capture every moment on camera!  This is a unique experience for fans of horror and Halloween to interact with frighteningly fantastic,  one of a kind photo opportunities to share with friends.  At the American Scream Halloween Selfie Museum, you can turn your dreams of being an Instagram celebrity into a reality!

Walk the red carpet of your own chilling premiere, and immerse yourself in our unique and thrilling installations:

  • Sit in the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.

  • Visit the Warren’s room of cursed artifacts...including Annabelle herself!

  • Stand in an ancient Egyptian tomb and face the Mummy.

  • Enter our witch hut, and say hello to one of our most frightening friends!

  • Stand in the mouth of a horrifying giant clown!

  • Visit a gruesome morgue.

  • Sit inside a real casket of a funeral home.

  • Participate in a sinister voodoo ritual!

  • Experience the dark night of the Scarecrows.

  • Enter our twisted doll factory.

  • And so much more!